This site is looked after by Stephen Robinson. I have been building electronic gizmos for about 40 years. Although this has started out as a collection of my experiences, it draws on those of others also. Hopefully I will persuade those who I’ve met on this journey to contribute some of their projects as well.

For inspiration, I hang out in a number of web forums and mail groups. I have been a member of the London Live DIY Hi Fi Circle (LLDIY) – a collection of people initially based around the London area interested in DIY Hi Fi and lurk on the Joelist to get more inspiration for DIY Hi Fi. Can be found on AA Tube DIY, Audio Talk, HiFi Haven and check in on some others.

My work background started off in Avionics as an Instrument Engineer for Air New Zealand and then on to the oil industry in the UK as an instrument/safety/control systems engineer, designer for instrumentation of jet engine test facilities, and a computer programmer.

Even with this engineering background, I distrust most “measuring” techniques in audio to justify a design. IMO, the ear is a far more discriminating device and measurement with a few sums rarely explains all. There is some good measurement practise that is not the usual THD and the like that can illuminate the design process but I don’t own equipment to pursue this route. Solid engineering practice is usually a basis for good sonics.